Lena and Kira Bring The Heat - Public Bang

Channel: Public Bang

Out in the vineyard Emilio and I, spot Lena and Kira doing their tourist thing. They are taking a bunch of pictures, looking very hot in this cold weather. Emilio can’t help himself but creep out on the two. So we approach them, and tell them we are professional photographers; and we can help. The girls are very flirty so we flirt back. I suggest even though it is cold they should take some pics in the panties for more likes. The girls not being shy at all agree. As they are now in their sexy panties looking as hot as they want to be, Emilio gets in a couple pics. The girls start to feel him up and grab his dick. Emilio quickly gets the message as he takes the girls somewhere more secluded. They begin by sucking his dick, and Kira politely asks can she sit on it. Emilio this lucky fucker then fucks both of them, even fucking Lena in her ass. He unloads on their face, and all of us completely forgot how cold it was outside, with all the heat these two ladies brought.