Nikki - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

I was just walking around looking for a way to entertain myself, and then I found Nikki. She was sitting at a bus stop, so I went ahead and joined her. I made with the small talk to get things started. She told me that she had recently moved here from South Carolina, yeah another country girl stranded in the city. She then mentioned that her car had broken down, and she was really strapped for cash. Well I'm always willing to help out a damsel in distress, so I invited her to my hotel room for an opportunity to make some cash, she asked how and just told her that she will be pleased with the rewards, but most importantly she will be just be "pleased".. Plain and simple. To all of this and then followed by a ride. I was expecting her to be offended, being a southern belle and all, but she was down. We walked to my hotel room, had our negotiations, and got straight to it. She knew she was there for sex, so she didn't waist any time. She took off her shirt and started me off with a blowjob. She had great tits. Actually it was more like a blowjob, handjob, titjob combo. one of those! Since I was paying for it, I decided to facefuck her as well. The fucking was great, this babe knows to get you on it, we did a lots of positions, she moaned, and told me she was having a great time with my cock, but not only was Nikki really into it, she was letting me do what ever I wanted. and that was great! After all, I was paying for it, but i just think she was just a really horny girl who needed some straight fucking. I finished her ass off with more facefucking till I gave her a messy facial, all over face, tits ,ass, everywhere. I didn't ditch this one. I couldn't, we fucked in my hotel room and beside, sometimes you just do, she was straight and she needed the work, and I needed the pussy, I didn't care, just that. So we actually parted on good terms. It's just as well, at least I got another movie out of her. Thank you Nikki...