The Laundry Lady - Street Ranger

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Hello, everyone!, The Ranger here with another crazy tale of random sex, and girls who are up for it. This time around it is like i've always said, sometimes is just that easy". I was trying too get my laundry done at the new place I just moved in when this gorgeous older chick comes in and start talking to me I couln't get the laundry machine to work and i just saw the opportunity of getting my dick suck by this broad and i went for it .. ya all know how i do. Back to it this babe was putting her clothes in to the washer when all of the sudden this big dildo falls inside the machine. We looked at eachother and just started to laugh i just simply tough.. Is this shit really happening? well it was. And just then a there i started to play my game this chick was up for anything I asked her if she likes to party and she was like Hell yeah! i love it... so my next question was if i could touch her beautiful nipples ya know just trying to get to know this chick.. she said yes and belive me this broad might be a little older than i but this lady really has a great figure her tits are firm and she has a beautiful ass. she asked me if my cock was as big as the dildo she hafd and i just stand there i looked at her and she just graved my dick. When she pulled out my boxers she was like..woa can i suck it can i suck it? she was sooo horny!. She gave a blow job and what a blow job it was she keep sucking and spiting on my cock. I was in a dream how easy can it get? so after she just showed that nice cameltoe pussy of hers and she just turned around for me to fuck her from behind. I have to say it was a little unconfortable to do it in that laundry room at some point at had to put her on top of the washer and it was a chalenge but i didn't care beacuse someone just tried to get in and asked ..whats going on in there.. we didn't give a fuck and just keep doing it..anyway i fucked the laundry lady's pussy really hard she was sure a friendly neighbor. I told her where i live and say we'll see eachother again...well i do care if we do i got the best sex and if it happens again cool but i am The Ranger and you all know how i do.. enjoy this one and do your laundry."