Waiting for some Sex - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

What's going on guys, this is your captain speaking, here to bring you another exciting video of my crazy ass life. This week I picked the hottest chick I've seen in a bit. This girl had a gorgeous face, real pretty eyes,and an amazing smile. I think it's so sexy when a girl has a beautiful smile. Her name was Jaylynn and she's waitress who was waiting for her ride. I was actually on the prowl to look for some good looking women, but I couldn't find any until I saw her beautiful face from afar. I offered her a ride since she was waiting so long for her ride. She lived a little far away so she offered to give me some gas money, but instead I told her I really just wanted to get invited up for a cup of coffee. We went upstairs to her apartment which happened to have an amazing view. We forgot about the coffee and just started making out on the balcony, next thing you know I was unbuttoning her shirt, touching her tits. Beautiful tits I might add, small but perfect. She started tugging on my cock, taking it out and rubbing on it. I knew she wanted to suck on it, so I started rubbing on her pussy, so she could get real wet, and she did. She started sucking on my cock, while I rubbed on her nipples. She got me so hard I just wanted to fuck the shit out of her. I lifted her up and bent her over the rail, and started fucking her real hard from behind. This girl had such an awesome body, I would grab her leg put it on top of the railing and kept fucking her like that. When I finished I came all over that pretty ass face of hers, and I got her number for whenever I wanted to fuck again.