Lifeguard On Duty - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

As usual, I rented a motel room in my favorite part of the slums of Miami. I just wanted to see where my luck would take me this time around. I know this kind of places, allways something crazy happens aroud tha hood. I was settling in when I heard a female voice coming from the courtyard. When I went out to investigate I found some blonde chick standing in an empty pool... seriously, i realy don't know what the fuck this girl was doing there, but there she was. She said it was her job to inspect pools with broken drainsfilters, whatever. We were both doing the small talk thing while we stared at the nasty green water left behind. I was trying to figure out how to get her back to my room, when all of the sudden the dumb girl fell in the nasty trashy water. I was trying my hardest not to laugh, when she started taking her clothes off. She said she was worried about the dirty water on her skin. I was more worried about all of the guest coming out to see the crazy white girl stripping in the courtyard of a motel in the hood. To save the day, I offered her my shower and some clothes. This was my chance to be alone with this chick so we went back to my motel room, I showed her around, gave her some towels, ya know, working it! When she came out of the shower, it didn't take too much of the JT smooth talk to get things going,I was just going to charm all my way up to her panties, you'll see. This one gave an amazing blowjob. I'm telling you, she was like a vacuum with tits. Then when we started fucking I was surprised. Her pussy was tight as hell, and she really dig the fact that i have a large dick to fill it up. I was loving it, this babe just wanted to be fucked right and that's what do. I worked that ass for a good while until I came all over her tits. I still can't remember her name. Speaking of which, never check into a motel under your real name, and pack light. You'll see what I'm talking about. Just check out the movie yo.