The Sexy Humanitarian - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

I can be a dick head some times but I consider myself a good person... well maybe when I am not deceiving girls or how you call it: Hunting". Ya'll know I am the motherfucking Ranger. I am a hunter but i do have a heart and sometimes like in this occasion i help the need of others or i help other by lending a hand and that is what i did on this update. Again it was sunny day in Florida i did my normal routine of walking around and do nothing but look for gorgeous babes. I set me eyes on this cu tie that was walking my way. She looked at me and started to talk. She asked me if i would be interested in helping some poor people by donating some groceries to her college Food Drive. I immediately set my eyes on this beautiful angel. I said sure i did volunteer work in Africa....(Yeah right). She then told me her name. "Capri" she said. and after all the bla blas she said that i looked really cute and that she spot ed me from a distance and walked to talk to me. I was mesmerized by her confession and i knew then and there that i got an opportunity to fuck this girl. i offered a ride she accepted and there we go to my car. We walked about twenty meters and this babe just started to grab on my dick. I just tough damn! this girl is going to get it.. So we got to the garage looked around a then go to a part of it that was closed we jumped the wall and there we go. This girl has this gorgeous eyes and her Ass and i mean a fucking beautiful round ass nice perky tits and her fucking pussy was tight. I first let her suck on my cock and then when it was time to fuck she didn't care it was on the dirty floor.... No this girl is a real "Sexy Humanitarian". So here it is help yourselves by downloading this movie you'll thank me later."