Dressing Room Encounter - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

Hey guys, it's me J.T. with another crazy ass story for all of you. I was going shopping for some little honey I met the other day, wanted to get her something sexy to wear for me. When I get to this place I notice there's nobody taking care of the store, which was totally weird. I'm looking around at all the sexy clothes, and then this really hot girl walks in. So I start scoping her out from far, following her around the store without her knowing. Finally I Go up to her and say Hi do you need any help". And that was it the whole time she thought I actually worked there. I helped her pick out some clothes and told her she should try them on. So she did and as she was trying them on I was peeking the whole time through a little opening watching her through the mirror. This fucking shit turned me on so much I just had to do something about it. I grabbed some more clothes and just walked in on her as she was changing into another outfit. I figured if she kicked me out I was fucked but if she didn't I could totally fuck her. So I walk in asking her if she needed any help and she said yes she could actually use the help. I took her top off and started caressing her breasts. They were so nice I mean this girl was so cute I just wanted to lick her everywhere. She told me it wasn't fair that only she was naked so I dropped my pants and she started sucking on my cock licking it all over then sticking it deep into her mouth. She gave such good head I really needed to fuck her right away. So I did. Then I left her in the back room to change told her I'd meet her up front and just left. That was fun."