HIt and Dip - Street Ranger

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So I had to move out of my apartment this week and where I'm moving to is a little smaller, so I had to put some furniture into this storage place right? As I'm looking for my storage space, I got a little lost and I see this phenomenal looking girl. She was moving some stuff into a storage also, so I offered to help her you know in exchange for a little something, something. She started to tell me that her back, legs and feet were hurting. I asked her why her feet were hurting she said because she was a stripper and she had been dancing all night. She was wearing these little ass shorts that were exposing her hot ass legs, and a little cut off shirt that showed how cute her stomach was. She also a baseball cap on that made her look super cute, and since I noticed she was really into me I just went for it and started grazing her boob. I took her hat hat off. I really wanted to see what she looked like underneath it all, so I told her to take everything off while she did one of her little stripper dance moves. She did and let me tell you she had a really nice body. The type I wanted to fuck the shit out off. She went for the meatloaf and started sucking on my dick, it was nice being that we just went at it without even looking to see if anyone else was in the storage place. I layed down on the floor so she could ride me, she was real soft and gentle, so when I turned her around I fucked the shit out of her pussy. The best part of all was that when I finished I got a phone call from my mom, so I took the opportunity to run off. It was fucking great. I love to hit and run. Peace!