The video store sexcapade - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

What's going on there guys? I've got a story for you today. I was walking down South Beach the other day, and I was pretty bored so I passed by an adult video store and decided fuck it let me see ifthey have anything good. I start looking around and by my surprise I see a girl towards the back of the store just looking at all the videos. I go up to her just wondering what the hell she was doing there in the middle of the day by herself on a Wednesday. I ask her what her name is? She tells me it's Tiffani Rox. She was here on a modeling shoot. So we start talking and we hit off real well. The next thing you know the guy who works in the front disappears to the back of the store because he said he had something to do. We're all alone and I start checking her out, she had on a real short skirt, so I start pulling it up so I can check out her ass. I ask her if I can grab it, and she lets me. How crazy is that? This girl was mad pretty too. Real beautiful eyes, with soft straight baby like hair. Next thing you know she's rubbing on my dick through my pants, I tell her she can pull it out, and suck on it if she wants, so she gets down on her knees right there in the back of the store and starts sucking on my dick. She was real good at it too, just like a pro. I'm sure this wasn't her first time doing some crazy shit like this. I was so hard I turned her around, got her naked and decide to fuck her right there in the store. It was fucking hot man, not knowing if that dude was gonna come out anytime soon. I layed down on the floor so she could ride me, and when I was done, I just ran out of the store. Another classic moment.