Shoplifting a Ho - Street Ranger

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Bad day. I got suspended in my job because I was touching my dick in the bathroom.. yeah I was hot today because we got a new girl at the office, and she is fucking hot, brunette with big round ass. I am sure she is a freak. So I got the rest of the day to do something. Usually I have a plan or scheme, but on this occasion, as it was somethin unusual because I just wanted to fuck, I hit a local hooker spot. Yeah its like, sometimes you dont have time to go to the bar and meet some girl and, talk lies just because they know we want to fuck them but they make everything so complicated that sometimes you have to show your credit score before you try to talk to them. So At first I wasn't finding anything (the cops were out), but then I found Casper. Appropriately named, Casper was a young white chick haunting the streets. She saw my car and came really fast, that means either she is new or it is a hard day. I had her flash me to prove she wasn't the fuzz, and then we went to her place (a cheap motel) to get down to business. As we got started, Casper asked for her money, where is my money". I told her that I had it and she trusted me. Wrong... As I said She must be new to the game. (Ho lesson #1: Money up front! No cash no gash.) She was a master of her trade. She gave a great blowjob and handjob. And being young she had nice tits and a firm round ass. I was surprised to find that her pussy was as tight as it was when we started fucking. When we were done she had me drop her off back on her corner. I tried to trick her with a wad of cash that was short but she called me on it so I just took off with the money still in my hand. What was she gonna do... catch me on foot or call the cops? It's my firm belief that no one should have to pay for sex anyway. It may be a business but it's also a game. I had money to go for another Ho or better yet now i have more time to relax and spend money at the bar looking for a girl...Check out the movie you'll see what I mean."