Right Place At The Right Time - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

What a day, What a day, have you ever had one of those days were you wake up and realize you need to make a life change,any way that was how I was feeling so I walked to a local gas station to get the classifieds. Of course I was wearing my trusty spy glasses. You never know what you will see happenning in miami, I saw this girl fighting on her cell phone. So I had to go over and talk to he after all You're not supposed to use cell phones next to gas pumps, but then again who am I to give advice. As I'm leaving she hangs up her phone and calls me over. She told me that her boyfriend maxed out her credit card, he was at the beach, and all of her cash was in her hotel room. Now this was a no brainer: A hot girl in need of help, she's mad at her boyfriend, and there's already an excuse to end up at her hotel room... Wouldn't you help her? After I bought her some gas, she asked me to escort her to the ladies room. I thought it was strange, but we were in a rough area, and I did want to get on her good side. After like two minutes she called me in to the restroom to show me how dirty it was, and then she got dirty. She told me she was lonely and started blowing me right there in the gas station restroom! Talk abouth right place right time She was good to go. I played with her tits and her ass, but I decided to save my nut for the hotel. I mean, obviously the broad was down, and angry at her man, so I wanted to see what the sex would be like. Once we got to her room she gave me another blowjob and even a little footjob right off the bat. I even tried to start some small talk, but this horny Girl was on a mission. you have to think her boy friends going to freak when he finally sees this but what could I do this girls pussy was nice. There we were, two strangers having an afternoon fuck session in a cheap motel room. You'll see what I mean. Check out the movie baby.