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Hey guys, do I have a video for you all today. I was walking down the park when I came across a restricted area. Which that usually means to me that I could enter anyway. So I see this fine ass girl just sitting on a bench reading a book. I question her as to why shes in a restricted area and she tells me she just wanted a private place to read her book. This girl Aline is fine. I asked her what the book is about, and she tells me it's on how to win a guy's heart". I'll tell you with a body like that she could win many hearts. I ask her how she usually wins a guy's heart "by playing their games" she tells me. So I say I wanna play a game of striptease and right there she starts to dance for me bending over and showing me her amazing ass and legs. Right then and there my cock got real hard so she pulls my pants off and starts sucking on my cock right there out in the open. It was great but I decided to move it under some trees where there was a park bench that way we'd be more secluded. She started taking her clothes off and I just couldn't get over how beautiful this girl was. I bent her over and started fucking her right there on the park bench then she tells me that she loves it in the ass so I take my cock out of her pussy and stick it right in her asshole. She let me pound that ass real hard. Then I turned her around her around and fucked her pussy some more while she kept screaming for me to "fuck that pussy" I fucked her till I was tired of standing I sat then she rode me while fucking her ass again. Real fucking nice tight ass I must say. By that time I couldn't hold it anymore plus I was a little paranoid that a park ranger was going to find us or something like that. So I came all over her face while she sucked me off a little more. I'll tell you this girl really caught my heart with all that anal fucking.