The Hostel - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

I am the most qualified player on the streets. At least that's what my luck tells me. I know this because the other day just by simple luck, walking around town i happen to find this small hostel. When I was getting closer, i payed attention to this gorgeous chick. This Mami had a beautiful physique. She is skinny, nice smile, cute face and for i could see she has some nice tits and a nice puffy little ass. I managed to get close and start a conversation. I asked this girl if this was hostel, she replied yes" i said my name and she told me hers "April". I acted curious about the place and i asked why a beautiful gal like her is doing in a hostel. She just told me that she was visiting Miami to see if she could move down here and didn't ant to spend a lot of money. I asked if i could see her place..You know I was curious.. She kind of show me a little hesitation but later she agreed here it is when everything got better. I started to joke with her about the place and asked stupid questions like: "hey Is this hostel like the one in the movie?....Do you get to take community showers?... And so on. We got to the room i could see how small this place is inside. She then looked at me like she wanted some cock so i said listen i want to know if we can get to know each other. She grabbed on my dick pullet it out and started to suck on it. I sat back and watched this babe undress. This girl has some beautiful perky tits. She turned around pulled down her panties and made me feel her pussy. It was so wet!! I got so horny i couldn't stop myself. This girl really got to see what Miami is about i sure had to show her a piece LOL. But the best was that she was down to fuck i mean this girl gave me some good sucking and then she just went all over when we fucked some crazy town eh?..This is for all of YOU from the Street Ranger looking to bang all them horny chicks out there.. Relax have fun and check this update.. Peace!"