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Here's another naive girl, who fell into the trap and didnt even know it. I found Cecilia walking along the Cswy at 8am, I know!, she had been clubbing all night long and was ditched by her friends... she was very vulnerable, AWESOME! just the way i like it, So i offered her a ride, the old "u hook me up, i hook you up", it didn'take a loot of convincing, this girl was ready fo anything that would take her out her trouble, and so she did.. she got in to the car and we just started to talk, but this girl started giving me a blow job in the middle of the cswy, yes! just right there.. like thank you man , here take this, get your dick suck next to some bushes... What? am i going to say no? I was really surprized, and in the look out to see if anyone could see us but i said, hey you just made my job easier, I was going to go for that in a minute anyways. After that i took her to her place, i started to fuck this latin mami,and it was just so clear to me, how good of a hunter for pussy I've became.. I just first let her finish the job she started, when we where at the cswy, a good BJ will clear my head, to give this mamita a fuck. just like the way she wanted it. This babe cecilia like to get it all in, I fucked her from behind , snating up, sideways, you name it.. She got it all!!.. my cock was bouncing on this girl pussy, she toook it and stroke the cock for a some time, then she put it back on her pussy, i would love to get on that tight ass, thinking about it now , maybe i should of ask, well it will be for the next time. After i got it on with this barely 21 bitch, I realized how lucky i am, I can not complaint or anything today at work, It was just great...what a fucking turn around, i was complaining that Cesar woke me up early to do some work and i ended up getting LAID! dont hate bitches! Check it out to see how fucking open this girl is...