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Hey peps..This is an example of how much i love the holly days, i mean it. It is just perfect for my quest. Good looking, sexy babes all over town, shopping and buying things for their love ones. Perfect and vulnerable, ya know they want to be talked to and they love the money because they want keep going around shopping and having the best of times. For me fellas, this represents another opportunity, a great one perhaps. around this time the ladies are in a great mod, and for the ones that are lonely this is the time where they branch out, they are also looking to see what is out there. And then my friends is where i come in. I was walking downtown checking the stores for one of those lonely chicks. My eyes caught the attention of this lovely brunette, i do the usual presentation and then we started to talk. I was very pleased with the looks on this sexy girl, she was shopping for her sister but she did not have any money. She told me that just a few days before she got fired from her job and that she was just window shopping. I couldn't let this poor girl be in this dilemma so i offered a simple deal. Come with me to party at my hotel room and I'll get you what you need. Simple as that baby! She did not hesitated, she went straight for the hook. We walked down to my room where we got very close and personal. she showed me those beautiful tits and then she turned around for me to look at that gracious ass. Her pussy was like a nice closed flower ready to blossom By the time she finished striping my cock was ready, all i did was show it to her and she just wanted it her mouth. We fuck for some time, i got to bang her in different positions and it was just amazing that i could be fucking this babe that i just meet outside, shopping. How did i get so lucky!.. it is just a great thing. So here it is.. enjoy!