Brooklynn - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

I started feeling horny while sitting in my room, so i decided to go out for a walk and try to find me a hot chica to bring back home. Yeah, it was one of those days you just don't know if to hang out inside or to just jerk off, but why jerk off when you live in Miami Beach, the place where all the hottest girls just hang out in the street barely naked. I came across a little kiddy park, and though i thought i wouldnt stand a chance, who the fuck hangs out in a kiddy park?.. no me for sure, but thats the beauty of trying new things. I went in, and there came Brooklynn, she was there with her sister, who had gone to get something, and was bored out of her mind,so here is when i come along to save her from her boredom, do the thing i really know how to do.. Talk out my ass! After the small talk i always do and seducing them with my humor and all my charming shit, i asked her out for coffee... she took the bait; then suddenly i had to stop by my place, the trick was in place, get this babe to my place and get the party started, so we did, we get in but she was a bit itchy, she didnt want to stay, so i had to take out my great friend, Benjamin. That dude never fails me, he is just fantastic with cicks. After $420 offered to her, she decided she could help me out with my needs... Needless to say this bitch knew exactly how to suck dick, i mean, one of the best i ever got! she did this thing with her tounge , simply amzing! Then it all went down from there... Fucked her as hard as i could, non stop for some time, she has an amazing ass, so while she rode me,and I felted that tight pussy i got to stare at her big bubble butt.. i mean, this girl was unreal, she was a freak after all, my game worked well and just to think earlier i was talking about jerking off..yeah right..look what was waiting for me outside, a pretty nice chick ready for me to give her some dick, i got to say this one is worth all the time in the world, for sure you all are going to enjoy this one, so Take a look!!