A Run In With My Ex - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

What's up guys. Me I'm just chillin here at the crib, just thinking about what an awesome day I had. I was heading to the store to do some of my groceries when I see this girl Lielani who I used to date a while ago. I scream out Lielani" and she walks up to the car and there she recognizes who I am. It had really been a long time since I had seen her so I had to get off the car and give her a big hug. Especially since shes a real hottie. This chic is pretty as fuck and for what I remember she sucked a mean dick and was really good in bed. So we talked and all that she was heading to her house to pick up a grocery list so I offered to take her she got in the car we did some catching up on the ride to her house then she tells me I'll have to wait in the car because her boyfriend was going to be there and he's all jealous and shit. We get to her place and I get off anyways as were walking towards her apartment we decide to take the stairs so I figured this my chance to take things back to how they used to be in our crazy old sex days. I start caressing her stomach touching her boobs and I ask her if she wanted to suck my dick for old times sake she definitely did. I missed those lips on my cock as I watched her beautiful asian eyes. I had to turn her around put her hands on the rail and there I started fucking her pussy. It was real tight too I love fucking these petite chicks they make me real fucking horny. I fucked her real good she was even saying it as I fucked her. I wonder what her boyfriend would have thought if he would have caught us right there in the stairwell of their apartment."