Flirty Jocelyn - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

What up homies? Straight chilling here in Miami. It's Memorial Day weekend and the honeys are everywhere. They are just coming out of the nowhere. Fucked up shit though was that I had to go to work, and on my way to work, I'm needing some gas real bad, so I stop to put gas. I get off the car and this hot ass chick just pops up in front of me with a red gas tank thing. She starts to tell me her whole story, how she's from Virginia visiting here and her rent a car stayed without gas, so she had to walk all the way to the gas station and she had no money. I, being the gentleman that I am offer to fill up her gas tank, and give her a ride back to her car. Well Jocelyn turned out to be a very flirtatious girl, talking about shes gonna take her clothes off because it's so damn hot, and that she likes long things. She was great. Once we put the gas in her car, I said lets go back to your hotel room and hang out. She gets in the car, starts to flirt again, and next thing you know she was giving me some road head, talking about we need to get back to her place fast because she can't hold it anymore. We finally get to her hotel room, and start to undress her. She had a pretty amazing body, really pretty tits, nice stomach, and a great fucking ass, nice and plump. I had to fuck this chick, she was something. I ended up fucking her a while, eating her pussy out, then cumming all over her. Then we were done, she went to wash up, came back out and started sucking on my dick until we went at it some more.