Nyla's Rooftop Interview - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

How many times in your day to day life you lost your car on a parking lot?. Better yet.. How many times you lost your car on a parking lot and end up fucking like a squirrel with a hot chick?...Oh yeah, homies!! this is the Street Ranger once again dropping some knowledge and more, to those fortunate hot babes all over this great town. This story cannot start better, I happen to loose my car in this huge parking lot, when all of the sudden on my way to the staircase i bump into this gorgeous, sweet blond e i knocked all these papers from her hands, and this chick was pretty mad. So i quickly help her out, apologized and then started a memorable rap on this sexy beauty. She told me her name is “Nyla”, i told her mine was captain..jeje. She then went on to tell me her story. Something like: she is new in town, that she came over from Tennessee and that she has been all over town looking for jobs. I quickly told her that maybe i could help her and that i would cheer her day. My proposal was for the both of us to go to the roof top of the parking lot so i could show her the ocean, she agreed and here we go to the rooftop. The minute this girl was out there she became so free and joyful, i was happy to see that smile on her beautiful face. My move came when i was joking around whit her and i pop one of her tits out. She didn't get mad, no she pull me by the elevator and gave me an awesome blow job..ohh it felted so good.. Those lips carfully sucking on my cock..uff. We moved away, to not get cut and then we went behind the air conditioner unit where we got completely naked. She let me touch all of her sweet body and later i got a taste of her juicy pussy, trust me this babe knows her thing. We fucked for some time and i filled her pretty mouth with my juice. I told her this was kind of a job interview for her and that i will try to help her out (Yeah right). Then i remembered where i parked my car, so i started to run naked through the parking lot. I left her there at that spot, i don't care. Check this update this Tennessee sweetheart is one of a kind.