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Here comes the pain again!! This time is just another of those situations when you have to go around looking for some ass, and it happens to end up really well. I have no complaints and my methods allways works, thats why i do what i do. I think confidence is the key and because of that is why life smiles at my crotch, constantly. But enough of this boring shit, let's get to bussines. The other day i felt horny like every day of my life, so i choose to go to the market to see what can i pick up around there, i wasn't pushing really hard, the whole idea was simple; Get in, get the pussy, get out Ya all know the regular deal. I happen to see this beauty walking by on the parking lot, i 've approached the girl with the sensible and warm rap, asked lots of questions and show some charm. This beauty told me her name is Kissy" and that she was buying some groceries cause she wanted to cook some dinner i got to work right that minute. I asked the girl if i could join in or even better i asked if she could come to my place where i'll cook some meatloaf for her she said that she had been in a long term relationship and that she was lonley.. ahhhh.. We drove to my place but in the car we got really close i started to touch her tits and then she just looked at my crotch i was like..Go ahead and she just wraped those pretty lips around my cock. Then we walked to my place at that point i told her that i was not going to be able to cook for her because i did not have a kitchen (she didn't care). We got into it this baby girl was on fire she sucked my cock and then i got to fuck her as much as i wanted. It is incredible how horny this babe got the minute we started to fuck the thing i liked the most is her sweet faceand her round ass i can say that the experience was very pleasant belive me it is allways good when a girl tells you that she is cumming while your dick is pounding that pussy. Fell free to check this sweet babe this is one for the records."