Doria - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

Ok, this is how it went down. I was gonna go to the beach with my trusty glasses, but I decided to check out my pool first. Nothing was really going on, so I was about to take off, when I was stopped by Doria. Right off the bat I could tell this cutie was out of place. She was a redhead. Here in Miami, the fire bush is very rare, and must be approached with caution. She was asking when the poolside bar opened up and it was only around noon. You guessed it, an Irish lass. Actually, she was in from out of town (Ohio) and staying with a friend, but had locked herself out of the apartment, with no cash, and her friend was at work. She was hoping to charge some food to her friend's apartment. I explained that I would hook her up with a meal and some company. She was pretty set on not borrowing money, but accepted the offer just the same with the promise of paying me back. We did the chit chat thing for a little while, and then we were off to get lunch. I told her that I wanted to make a quick pit stop at the poolside restroom to wash up before we go. When we got to the doors she invited me to join her in the ladies room. I knew what she meant, but I still played the innocent guy routine. This is what I meant by approaching the fire bush with caution. When we got inside, she announced that she was gonna prepay" me for lunch. Still playing the routine I asked her how and she said with a nice blowjob. Oh and it was nice. She really knew how to work it. Once she started sucking my cock she gave me complete control. I had her take off her shirt so I could see her tits. Then I had her completely strip and bend over. Well only after I had her strap a rubber on me. Doria had a firm ass and was really into the moment. I mean we were fucking in a toilet stall in an unlocked public restroom. With this in mind I kept reminding her to keep quite but it was no use. A couple of time someone actually did come in but we just slowed down for a bit. Stopping was out of the question. That pussy was just too good. Especially when she was riding me on the toilet. I finished her off with a gooey facial. Then as we were off to lunch I told her to wait for me in the lobby while I grabbed my credit card. I wonder how long she waited there because I slipped out the back door and hit the beach as originally planned. Check this one out. It's as real as it gets."