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I had the brightest idea, let's get out of the room for a minute, walk around the street and see if i could just pick any chick; I think i do too much of that allready, anyway i started to walk, the street wasn't that busy, so i got close to this pawnshop and then i found this pretty blonde, i asked like if i am a police or something. Excuse me, what are you doing, can i help you, she then went on to tell me how she got kicked out of her appartment by her boyfriend, because, he caught her fucking with his roomate, yeah.. This chick is exactly what i am looking for, so i started offer my help, like yeah i'll buy some of the things you're selling (i told her) and like, yeah i can help you, you can come a stay with me until you get your shit togheter, she was like yeah please so we decided to go to my hotel room and seal the deal, i was very exited because this broad has some nice bouncy tits and that ass. Oh well we got to the room , i go to use the restroom, she comes after and goes, can i wash mi tities, i was like go ahead. she took the shirt off and yes, they were really nice breasts and i enjoy them pretty much, my dick got hard and i showed to her, she then graved on to it and started to suck it, right there in the bathroom, i then told her to go in the room, cause i wante dto see her beautiful body, she got naked and showed me her cute, pink pussy, when i started to fuck her she was already wet and i just gave her a run, she was on top most of the time but we changed positions i got to fuck her for some time and when i finished between those tits, i was very relieved. The time came down to give her the money i gave her about a hundred and fifty dollars, she then put the money on her purse, when she decided to take a shower i took half of the money back, yeah that was because she had too much fun with my cock, and that my friends also has a price. Please enjoy this moments of some good fucking.