Stacy - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

I go to do my exercises like every two days at the beach. There is a Tai chi sensei who teaches for free, which I love. I mean I dont really like the tai chi, is not bad though but I really go there just because this sensei is fucking hot, she is blonde, green eyes, perfect body, amazing round little ass, and big boobs. I didn't even think I would get her to do porn because I tried to get atleast a date with her, but it was imposible. But I Think its a matter of time because she will have sex with me, I am sure about it. Ok, I did my exercises and when the class was over I run to her to talk for a bit but then a big mean face monster of a guy showed up, guys when I say big I meant it, if this guy beat me for sure I will be at the hospital for a while. My heart was broken, I spent fucking months doing fucking tai chi and then this orangutan showed up and destroyed my dreams about me fucking my hot sensei. fuck.. I was mad so I thought ok this is the day to get another girl and do something crazy. A minute later I found this one right off the beach. She was having trouble with one of those newspaper boxes (I'm not sure what they are called), and of course I helped her out. She had tourist written all over her, so I invited her to join me for coffee. We hit a local cafe and started chatting. Eventually, once I had gained some trust, I offered to take her jet skiing. Of course she was excited to go (cause I'm a smooth mother fucker), but I told her that we would have to stop by my place real quick. When we got there I gave her my moves, and the rest is amateur video history. I'll spare you the details of smooth magic. This girl had great tits. She knew how to use them while giving a blowjob too. The room we were fucking in had mirrors every where. I was able to see every angle the whole time. I caught Stacy checking herself out in the mirror while I was slamming her ass from behind. What a pussy... We fucked so good that I didn't even ditch this one. I wanted to, but I was too worn out from the sex. But don't worry, I didn't take her jet skiing. I told you I was smooth. Check out the movie, you'll see what I'm talking about.0