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Channel: Street Ranger

I was cruising for some pussy on the beach, when all of the sudden it started raining. At first I thought this would fuck up my game, but then I noticed that it does scare away some of the girls, but it also traps the ones with out a ride. This is how I met my new victim. I just offered her a ride. Now, you should never get in a car with a stranger, but again, who am I to give advice. She needed to go all the way to down town, and for those of you that aren't local, it's not hella far, but it's pretty far. I knew I had to work quick with this one, so I told her the ride would cost her a blowjob. I was gonna play it off as a joke, but she was down. I must be better looking than I think I am, or something. I was gonna take her to my boy's place down the road, but she started stroking my dick and shit, so I had to pull into an alley. As soon as I parked this bitch was going straight for the cock. She slurped on my dick in that alley for a while, and I played with her big tits, but I decided we should continue at my boy's place so I could try to fuck her. We were taking the stairs in my boy's building when I asked her to flash her ass. When I saw it I couldn't wait anymore. I had her sit on a step and blow me right there in the stair well. Then I bent her over and fucked her right there on the same stairs. At first we tried to play it safe, but the more we got into it, the more clothes started coming off, and the more noise we were making. I even lied down flat and had her ride me. This was no sneaky quickie. My favorite was taking her to the top floor, bending her over the rail, and fucking her from behind. So now I can say that I've had sex in a public stair well. I can't believe we weren't arrested... Check out the movie!