Gabby - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

This days you never know what to speck, i mean you really don't now how it is going to happen. Is it on my way home from work?... Is it on my way out of court ?...Bingo! I just happen to be walking to my car on a normal day, out of court, when i set my eyes on this beauty looking inside her car. I can be an asshole sometimes, but for the most part i am a gentleman. So i see this gorgeous blond, she looks in trouble, i present myself and she says she locked herself out her car. I think my day just got better, so i ask if could help, she said her name is “Gabby” and that she was in real trouble, cause she got a lot to do that day and she did not have any money. I told her, hey the locksmith is going to charge you at least eighty dollars for the work, and i then played my card, i offered to call a friend of mine who's good at this things and pay for it. She was so happy i didn't have to ask she just started to unzip my pants and gave me a blow job on the spot. My friend came over, and open her car. It was time then for us to get in the back seat, i was amazed by the way this girl's breast looked like, I mean wao! those are really beautiful tits. I let her suck my cock and then came all of that fucking, and i was not disappointed this babe sure knows what i guy like me likes. I was fucking that tight pussy, looking at her beautiful tits and round ass, and i tough to myself it is good to help others, maybe thats what i am here for...But then i just realized, than i really didn't give a fuck, i was going to ask for a piece of that ass before she offered. We finished and i say good by to my sweet girl on distress, i gave her my phone and told her i got a big truck we can use some other time, she say she will. I leaved her all set to go, and i think this babe will call back anytime she's in car trouble, i don't think triple A can give the kind of service i gave her, enjoy fellas!