Tommie at the carwash - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

Hey guys whats going on? I got another video for you guys this week, another to add to my precious collection. I had to take my car to the carwash and have it detailed, so I did. And as I was there I spot this really hot redhead just sitting all alone eating. So I sit next to her ask her hows shes doing and all that, she tells me shes waiting for her car to finish getting washed. So this girl is from Missouri and she tells me shes here in Miami looking for an adventure. And all I could think is shes in for one big adventure allright. I tell her Im from here in Miami, so she asks me if I would mind giving her a little tour of Miami. I could already tell this girl was a little crazy, if you know what I mean. I had to wait like three hours for my car to get detailed, so ofcourse I wouldn't pass up another oppurtunity for the street ranger to get some. I start driving her around and I figured taking her down by Biscayne Blvd would be a nice idea. I tell her theres alot of nice things to see around there, like my cock. Jk LOL. NO really I start touching this girls legs, next thing you know Im caressing her pussy through her panties, I ask her if she likes oral, and she offers me some road head. That was fucking great my man. This girl could really suck on a dick, I mean I almost crashed thats how good it was. So I take her to this cheap motel, she says she doesn't mind, all she wants is to have a good time. I get the room take her inside and basically you know what happens next. Or why dont you find out, I don't think you wanna miss out on how far this girl can spread her legs, or how deep she can take a cock in both her mouth and her pussy.