Runaway Sex - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

Man do I have a crazy ass video for you guys. The craziest fucking shit happened to me this whole week. Well first of all I had gotten caught not that long ago having sex in a public place, so I had to go to court, and the judge ordered me fifty hours of community service. Today was like the first day, and I had to pick up trash alongside these train tracks. As I'm doing this I see this really hot girl walking in the near distance, as I'm approaching I see she's carrying a bookbag and another bag in a stick that rests on her shoulder. She looked like one of those runaways on tv. It was crazy looking. We start walking and talking about her reasons for running away from home. And as we're talking she starts to unzip my pants right there out in the open, so I take her to this little area where it's more covered by trees and trash and stuff. I lay on the floor and she starts to suck on my cock, real nice and slowly. This chick had a great body, nice tan skin, flat stomach, with some pretty titties, small waist, and a really pretty face too. She sucked me for a bit then she started to ride me, great pussy I must say, real tight and nice looking. After she rode I told her to get against the wall so I could fuck her from behind, she had a real nice looking ass, the girl was in shape. I spread her legs and just started fucking her, she was moaning real loud too. I thought it was fine since it seemed that nobody was around. But as I was going to cum all over her face, we hear some guy yelling at us hysterically. I freaked out being that I was here in the first place for getting in trouble with the cops, I didn't want to get busted again. We put our clothes on real fast and started walking away. She had gotten off but I didn't, so I told her that she needed me to finish me off before I gave her a ride to Key West. We started looking for the car, but ended up siiting on the stairway of some warehouse, and there she jerked me off until I came. I'm fucking crazy thats for sure. We'll see what kind of crazy shit I'll come across nest week. Peace!