Spanish Lessons - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

Wao! That's how i am going to introduce this weeks update. The Street Ranger is back!! with some crazy mamasita for ya 'all. Ok let tell you about this walk on the park, the other day i was just walking around, looking for something to do, and i found this beautiful chica named Cassandra". I just gotten to the park and the first thing i found is a sing that was written in Spanish then i found my Spanish mami to give me what i called an "Spanish Lesson". I did my usual approach. smoothly i got to start a conversation with this babe. Then i said that i was working on a survey about breast implants ( yeah I have been working on that for all my life..jejeje). Well after a nice little talk with all the explanations and bla bla bla. I asked the chick if she would like to come to my office to fill out the paperwork. She said she was not doing anything at the time and that she will come with me. By that time i have already asked the size of her rack and she kind of gave me a pick. We got to the building and then to the room she then asked why does this looks just like a hotel room? and i said that it was a more comfortable setting for models and shit! ... i mean who can believe this crap?. She did and i acted quick i asked her to get naked to see her body and when she did wao what a perfect little body she has. She then asked me to get naked and guys all i have to say is that. This mami got me on point for the rest of the time we spend together. Her pussy was so wet and felt so incredibly warm and then she keep saying all kinds of things to me in Spanish. That only drives me crazy and i know it does to ya'all too. So don't waste anymore time check this out!!"