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Saturday morning, after my hangover, I felt really bad coz last night I drank a lot, then I knew it will be a boring day, like everybody usually has after a party. I decided to go to walk for a while, then I remembered that there is a coffee place that I really like here, so I decided to go. When I got to there the first thing I saw was the waiter, hehe you thought I was gonna say some girl?, ok I ordered a coffe and went to look for a table when I spotted this chick Joli at a local junk food joint. She stood out in her little outfit. She's got pretty, big blue eyes and blonde hair, also nice legs and seems like she's got a little round, strong ass. She was reading a book and she seemed very into the book. Most of the guys that were there were looking at this pretty girl. When I saw here there I knew she was that kind of horny babe who is just waiting there for someone to ask for it, so I went to her and asked if I could sit down to talk to her. Well five minutes later we were talking about sex of course. She looked like she could use some fun, so I asked her if she wanted to hang out with me at my friend Miguel's house, of course Miguel doesnt exist, but I needed an excuse to take her out to do my business. It's crazy how long it takes for an imaginary person to girls to come to the door! I could tell Joli was getting impatient and horny. She couldn't keep her hands off my dick when I was driving, that got me really nervous, however this was turning her on. With all those people passing by, We were close to getting caught a few times. She started sucking my dick in this public place, I mean it was in the back of a builing or something, I dont even remember because I was so nervous. Suddenly she couldn't wait anymore to get fucked. I banged her against a moped and then a tree... and and later a boat.. haha no, sorry just kidding about the boat, but guys believe me It was hot! Since this happened in this coffee place, I decided to go every day, coz maybe I'll find more horny hot girls there. Check it out.