Jada the Streetwalker - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

What up homies? Chillin chillin in this beautiful ass weather in the MIA. Chillin chillin indeed, I was leaving this girl's house that I know and fuck every once in a while, heading my ass to work, when I see this really hot girl just walking down the sidewalk. I had to stop and check her out, ask what she's up to. You know how I do it. She walks up to car, I ask her what she is doing, she's like I'm working" and I'm like "do you want a ride to work?" and she's like "No I'm at work." Then I realized she was a street walker but a fine one a twenty one year with a nice looking ass. So I tell her to get in what the heck I got a half hour before I have to go to work. I take her to my favorite hotel on Biscayne Blvd. The place where all the hookers go. She tells me it's 250 per nut. Right then I knew I wasn't going to be giving her shit. We get inside she starts to suck on my cock all nice and pretty I tell her I want her to undress and just like I suspected she had a great fucking ass and a great looking pussy. She sucked my cock some more then told me she wanted to fuck so she got on top me and started riding me like a professional cowgirl slamming her ass on my stomach every time she came down. She fucked me for a while. Then I got her to bend over and fucked the shit out of her slamming that pussy real hard. I fucked her sideways doggy missionary every which fucking way. Then when we were done she went to take a shower so I took the opportunity to take my money back from her purse and along with that I took whatever money she had in there before I gave her the $250. The funny thing was so I had to run outside naked until I got to into my car. Ha another fucking classic. I love this shit!