The Haunted Motel - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

Sometimes is easy to score by just walking around the beach. That happened to me the other day, I was bored and decided to just walk around the beach and see if I would pick anything, be a good fisherman or something. When I happen to see this cute girl going in a public toilet, she was disgusted by the smell and came out that thing faster than a bullet and I Just look at her and here we go..Hey babe what's up my name is Jay, and that's it. This girl started to talk.. she just let me in all the details like "ohh mi god" I have to go pee, and I was like do you care if I take you to a proper restroom, so here we go to my car and for my surprize I noticed she was not wearing underwear at all!!...Oh yeah! I knew I was into something. We drived around and stoped at a gas station , where she couldn't, then I 've started to think in where am I going to fuck this hottie? It was all clear after I looked aroud. I took her to this abandoned Motel, some spoky place around the beach area, this place is full of rooms, the girl took a piss and she kind of wanted to go in there to check it out, my intuition was right, once again! I was like ..Oh sure , why not..we walked and in seconds I started to play with her nice perky tities, so we wall aroun little more to decide in what room I am going to get this girl to suck on my cock, we 've have gotten to the room and she showed me that nice body of hers, that compact ass , my cock just got hard , and bamm!! she went down and sucked my cock...This babe was all over it!! I showed her why they call me the street ranger, hell yeah.. We got naked and I fucked that pussy, so sweet, I loved it just to see this babe sweting,I remember we stoped and for a minute she sits at top of the toilet and I am thinking this girl is tired, nooo she then says "you are not thinking in quiting" I was like, motherfucker this girl really don't Jay The Street Ranger a.k.a The Wheeler, what! whatever, the fuck was incredible, she took her hands at one point and graved my balls, and the end she ask me to please cum in her sweet pretty little mouth, she wanted all the protein jeje, well the best of all is that whe we finished she decided to go pee again, and I was kind ready to go , so I just leaved her there ..Fucked she got her price allready, yeah I know it was a nice treat... just play it and enjoy.