2 for 1 - Street Ranger

Channel: Street Ranger

I was cruising down in bayside, trying to find something to do, when i saw two really hot chicks walking by. They had a video camera, filming the bay and shit, and the other one was taking pictures... turists all the way. I followed them for a little bit, to make sure that they didn't have any male company (not that i can't take them..). Finally they ended up on the stairs.. they were a little touchy feely, but i didnt care at all. I tried to look up their skirts from underneath the stairs, but i couldnt see that much. I started with my little, but smooth talk and ended up learning they were from out of town but considering to move to miami. It seems that it is legal for them lesbos to get married down here, but im not quite sure if it's true. Anyways, we were chatting it up, ahving a good time, when i asked them if they ever had a three some with a guy.. well it seems communication is not their strength in their relationship, because both ladies were secretly curious about experimenting with men... can i always get this lucky!? They wanted to know about good clubs where they could find this lucky man.. but they didnt know they had all they needed and more right in front of them.. So i offered to go back to my place, after some discussing they agreed. Once we got to my place, i stepped into the bathroom, when i came back out they had already started the party. In the beginning i felt a little bit left out, didnt quite have nothing to do, but they were nice enought to incorporate me in their fun. I wont bore you anymore with my 'i get ass even when im not looking for it' anymore, so check out this movie... its a hot one.. you get 2 for the price of 1.